The Silver Dragon and Beyond

Bomb Disarmed

The PC’s attended the party held for the Silver Dragon’s Maiden voyage.

Shortly after the beginning of the party, Hobgoblin hijackers boarded the ship and began taking hostages.

Meanwhile a second party of terrorists, led by a criminal Artificer, proceeded to plant a banishment bomb in the Water Elemental Chamber of the ship. This was designed to crash the ship into the city. This plot was discovered by Garrick and Tris who had alerted Dramgrin of the commotion coming from the chamber.

While this was going on the hijackers began herding the hostages into the ship’s Reception hall.

The terrorists were killed before the bomb could be set in place, preventing the destruction of the ship and the deaths of everyone aboard.

Directly after this confrontation, the PC’s left the chamber to find the party goers and ship’s crew being held in the Reception hall. Battle ensued with Kalamor and Chomper joining the fray.

The hijackers were defeated with no civilian casualties but shortly thereafter there was a loud commotion noticed below decks, and so the PC’s proceeded into the cargo bay.

A large warforged had been smuggled onto the ship in a wooden cargo crate. This warforged had then broken out of the crate and proceeded to dismember the nearby guards who were caught, ironically enough, off-guard. Zan, hearing the commotion as well, had rushed down into the bay. The two had battled for a short while which ended in the warforged being heavily damaged and Zan being flung out of the open loading ramp. The PC’s subdued the metal monstrosity, thereby saving the airship from the final threat.

The only clues of the attacker’s origin were two orbs of silver, which upon further examination bore Arcane Marks. Also found were the components of the Banishment Bomb in a toolkit and several crates of weapons and armor that were smuggled aboard along with the warforged.

The party received thanks with Sharn’s wealthy elite, among which was Sharn’s Mayor.

The party also received “thanks” from house Lyrandar in the form of an envoy bearing a large amount of gold for each person involved in the rescue.

Due to the PC’s actions, their standing with the ship’s crew increased.

Garrick’s standing with Jaeden increased due to his exceptional skill in serving the ships party goers sammiches.

Tris’s standing with Lucius increased due to being tasty looking.

Interesting things that were observed-

Kalibar Jenks was heard discussing criminal activities with other Halflings in the reception hall.

Neither Jenks nor Jaeden were part of the Hostages.

Tension was noted between Dramgrin and Torren.

Kalimor noticed Mazzia glancing at Velgram constantly.



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