The Silver Dragon and Beyond

Murder Mystery? Oh no!

The Silver Dragon began it’s voyage early in the morning. The weather was lovely and clear and the voyage looked to be a pleasant one. Garrick and Kaye provided a dinner for the ship consisting of Sharkfin Soup with Baby Beluga Dumplings.

Garrick fell prey to his gambling problem but was bailed out by Legion who fell prey to Garrick’s gambling problem and beat it.

Both Kaye and Tris visited Serenity Above the Clouds for a massage. Garrick successfully bluffed Tris into believing that she had received a massage and she, not knowing what a massage really was, left vaguely confused.

The party witnessed an altercation between Karrnathi and Thrane Ambassadors.

Dinner was had. Outside, a storm was brewing with clouds on the horizon.

A few hours after the evening meal and being pestered by Tris for most of the time, Gunter Hegerin was found dead. There were no signs of forced entry or struggle but the scribe was unmistakably dead. Poison was found in his discarded wine glass. It was identified as Dark Reaver Powder. Upon inspection of the body, Kaye discovered that Gunter showed no signs of being poisoned with DRP.

Due to her inquisitive nature, Tris decided to test the effects of DRP firsthand resulting in terrible convulsions followed by a paralytic coma.

The PCs met a multitude of the NPCs on board.

-Halas Martain



-Kalibar Jenks

-Gunter Hegerin

-Cardinal Menasos Bethenade

-Sedge Avadarrn


-Sea Baron Paldrith Malinko




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