Pifagor Quelf

Head of the Xenozoology Department at Morgrave University


A blonde gnome of average build for his race, Pifagor Quelf doesn’t look the scholar. Usually wearing traveling leathers and carrying his trusty walking stick “Sheila” he looks more the wanderer than one of the highest ranking professors in the Morgrave University.

He attended the university for many years and landed a research job in its walls soon after his graduation. His rise through the ranks of professors can be attributed to his surprising knack for being ignored. Many other professors would have most likely felt resentment at his advance had they even knew he existed.

Several years later, Pifagor became the founder and head of the Xenozoology Department at Morgrave. This department’s goal is to study anything and everything about foreign wildlife of all kinds. Along with being the head of the department, he is coincidentally the only member due to the fact that his research has gone largely unnoticed.

Pifagor Quelf

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