Kaye d'Cannith


Kaye d’Cannith, level 3 Human, Artificer

FINAL ABILITY SCORES Str 11, Con 15, Dex 12, Int 18, Wis 16, Cha 14.

STARTING ABILITY SCORES Str 11, Con 15, Dex 12, Int 16, Wis 16, Cha 14.

AC: 18 Fort: 17 Reflex: 18 Will: 18 HP: 36 Surges: 9 Surge Value: 9

TRAINED SKILLS Diplomacy +8, Arcana +10, Dungeoneering +9, Heal +9, History +10, Perception +9

UNTRAINED SKILLS Acrobatics +4, Bluff +3, Endurance +3, Insight +4, Intimidate +3, Nature +4, Religion +5, Stealth +2, Streetwise +3, Thievery +2, Athletics +1

FEATS Artificer: Ritual Caster Human: Arcane Familiar Level 1: Master Mixer Level 2: Dragonmark: Mark of Making

POWERS Artificer at-will 1: Static Shock Artificer at-will 1: Thundering Armor Artificer daily 1: Obedient Servant Artificer encounter 1: Scouring Weapon Artificer encounter 3: Altered Luck Artificer utility 2: Restorative Infusion Bonus At-Will Power: Magic Weapon

ITEMS Leather Armor of Resistance +1, Frost Hand Crossbow +1, Defensive Staff +1, Amulet of Protection +1, Ritual Book, Crossbow Bolts (40), Arcane Signet Ring, Identification Papers, Travel Papers RITUALS Make Whole, Brew Potion, Disenchant Magic Item, Enchant Magic Item, Unseen Servant, Animal Messenger, Create Campsite FORMULAS Alchemist’s Fire, Clockwork Bomb ====== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&DI Character Builder ======


When Kaye was a child, her parents were both very loving. She was an only child and received all her parents’ attention. Tragedy struck the family when Kaye was 12. Her father was an artificer medic for a warforged platoon during the war and was killed. After her father’s death, Kaye’s mother became more distant and cold. Her mother became judgmental and forced Kaye to go into military training to be an artificer to honor her father. Kaye was unable to complete her training before the war ended. She always strove for her mothers approval, and felt like a disappointment. Ever since the Day of Mourning she has not heard from her mother. She has assumed her to be dead. She has fuzzy memory and some gaps that she doesn’t remember at all. She and Legion have been together ever since he saved her life when she was close to death. She wants to find out what she can about the gaps in her memory, but she fears that she will always be missing part of her life.

Kaye d'Cannith

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