Guldar d'Tharashk

Bounty Hunter of House Tharashk, Recruiter for the Liondrake's Roar


Guldar d’Tharashk
Level 5
Half-Orc Barbarian
Feral Might: Rageblood Vigor

Str 20, Con 16, Dex 18, Int 12, Wis 12, Cha 13

Str 18, Con 15, Dex 15, Int 12, Wis 12, Cha 13

AC: 21
Fort: 20
Reflex: 18
Will: 14

HP: 55
Surges: 11
Surge Value: 13

Endurance +11, Athletics +11, Acrobatics +10

Arcana +3, Bluff +3, Diplomacy +3, Dungeoneering +3, Heal +3, History +3, Insight +3, Intimidate +5, Nature +5, Perception +3, Religion +3, Stealth +5, Streetwise +3, Thievery +5

Level 1: Mark of Finding
Level 2: Weapon Proficiency (Execution Axe)
Level 4: Improved Rageblood Vigor

Barbarian at-will 1: Pressing Strike
Barbarian at-will 1: Howling Strike
Barbarian encounter 1: Avalanche Strike
Barbarian daily 1: Swift Panther Rage
Barbarian utility 2: Combat Sprint
Barbarian encounter 3: Hammer Fall
Barbarian daily 5: Thunder Hawk Rage

Vanguard Execution Axe +2
Deathcut Hide Armor +1
Cloak of the Walking Wounded +1
Javelin (4)
Adventurer’s Kit
Arcane Signet Ring
Travel Papers
Identification Papers with Portrait
Flagon of Ale Procurement (heroic tier)
Cask of Liquid Gold (heroic tier)
Ironwood Hound (heroic tier)
Horned Helm (heroic tier)


Guldar d’Tharashk is a man of simple pleasures, delighting in feasting, singing, drumming, and wild dancing…but most of all in fighting. Truly at home on the battlefield, Guldar is the quintessential barbarian, reveling in the trade of fierce blows and standing victorious over a pile of vanquished foes. Yet despite his penchant for violence, Guldar is a friendly and good-natured fellow, to the point of appearing innocent and without guile to his comrades. He assumes everyone is his friend until they give him reason to believe otherwise, and due to his time with the Liondrake’s Roar, he doesn’t share other mortals’ wariness of the more… unusual races found in Eberron. This lack of cynicism has landed him in more than a few sticky situations, but somehow he always manages to pull is ass out of the fire (literally, in a few cases).

Guldar grew up in the fetid swamps of the Shadow Marches. His mother was a dragonshard prospector, and a prominent member of the Finder’s Guild; his father ran a small brew pub in the stilted city of Zarash’ak. As a bearer of the Mark of Finding, many expected Guldar to follow in his mother’s footsteps. But Guldar found the thought of life as a prospector too dull and boring— “digging for rocks in the dirt and mud is no way to live life,” as he put it. As a child he had always been enchanted by stories of the world beyond told to him by the local Gatekeeper druids, so when he came of age he left the Shadow Marches to find a life that would let him experience all the world had to offer.

He found his opportunity with The Liondrake’s Roar, a Droaamish a mercenary group run by House Tharashk. Comprised mostly of “monstrous” races—ogres, harpies, gargoyles and minotaurs—the Roar was in high demand in the waning days of the Last War, and Guldar traveled throughout the Five Nations. As a member of House Tharashk, Guldar was made a junior officer in the outfit, though he enjoyed life on the front lines too much to seek promotion beyond captain. Guldar’s experience with the Roar only strengthened his desire to see new lands and meet new people, and after the Treaty of Thronehold, he became a bounty hunter so he could continue his travels. He also continues to work as a scout for the Roar, seeking out powerful monsters and recruiting them into the organization.

Guldar aims to fight as many races as he can before he dies, and his life’s ambition is to punch a dragon in the face. While most of his tastes aren’t exactly refined, he does have a good pallet for ales and beers, developed from working in his father’s brewery. He always carries a large flagon chained to his belt, so he can sample new brews wherever he goes. But he avoids House Ghallanda whenever possible— they nearly drove his father’s pub out of business, and he views their practices as unfair.

Guldar d'Tharashk

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