Tag: Artificer


  • Manten Dramgrin

    Chief artificer of the Silver Dragon, this taciturn dwarf is aggravated by the presence of Torren Blackfingers on the airship. Dramgrin has a deep appreciation for music and is often found in his stateroom practicing violin.

  • Telgin Char (Dead)

    Telgin was a wisp-thin human scarred from battle and numerous artificing accidents. He was condemned to a life sentence in Dreadhold after a short stint with Prince Mika's Cloudreavers ended in his capture. Telgin's brilliant mind found focus in prison, …

  • Kaye d'Cannith

    When Kaye was a child, her parents were both very loving. She was an only child and received all her parents’ attention. Tragedy struck the family when Kaye was 12. Her father was an artificer medic for a warforged platoon during the war and was killed. …