Tag: Karrnath


  • Ambassador Sedge Avadarrn

    Karrnath's Ambassador to Breland, Sedge is a tall, blond-haired human with cool blue eyes. He bears little love for the Silver Flame, but he seeks peace for the people of his homeland, whose blood has too long soaked the fields of war.

  • Skarad

    A Karrnathi skeleton and the chief bodyguard of ambassador Avadarrn, Skarad is a large specimen of his kind, with a smoldering red gaze. He is proud to serve his country from beyond death, and finds those with qualms about his presence to be exasperating.

  • Gunter Hegerin (Dead)

    Gunter was a clerk in Ambassador Sedge Avadarrn's service. With his thin face, wispy goatee, and meek voice, he looked every bit the scribe. Sadly, shortly after meeting the PC's, and befriending Tris in particular, he was murdered in his stateroom.

  • Garrick Lassinus

    Garrick Lassinus' family originally emigrated from Aerenal to Karrnath several generations ago, since then they have been a fairly prominent family with strong military ties. The sons are sent off to study in the Rekkenmark military academy then to serve …