Tag: Thrane


  • Cardinal Menasos Bethenade

    Thrane's Ambassador to Breland, and a fiercely pious raven-haired human who seeks to spread the Silver Flame's influence. Karrnath's despicable and disrespectful practice of reanimating the dead to fight in it's armies offends the cardinal's sense of …

  • Sir Gedavin Brant

    Gedavin is one of Cardinal Bethanade's bodyguards. He is a stalwart and stoic zealot of the Silver Flame who has worked together with Hollia for many years. Gedavin's golden locks flow about his sturdy shoulders, and his eyes are a cool grey.

  • Dame Hollia Keln

    Bodyguard of Cardinal Bethenade. Hollia is a stoic and stalwart zealot of the Silver Flame. She has worked with Gedavin for years, and the two never balk at the cardinal's orders. Hollia's hair is cropped nearly scalp short, and her long face is a …